Scaling New Heights

Description This is a calm and optimistic track that reaches a climax with a warm and confident feeling. Featuring real acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, strings, and acoustic piano, perfect for healthcare advertising, medical innovation but also corporate, real estate, or any inspirational project. Enjoy the reverse piano!
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Cinematic, Rock, Pop, Corporate
Mood Emotional, Happy, Uplifting
Keywords Guitar, Bass, Success, Promotional, Presentation, Piano, Modern, Marketing, Light, Hopeful, Commercial, Bright, Advertising, Medical, Inspiration, Motivational, Successful, Advert, Motivation, Confident, Optimistic, Business, Positive, Upbeat, Background, Inspirational
Instruments Drumset, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Piano, Electric Guitar
Tempo 120.0 BPM
Key E minor
Time 4/4

Additional Versions

  • 15 Second
  • 30 Second
  • 60 Second

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