Road to a Better Place

Description Uplifting motivational energetic background pop music track.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Corporate, Pop
Mood Inspiring, Emotional, Happy, Uplifting
Keywords Drums, Bass, Strings, Exciting, Achievement, Impact, Confident, Marketing, Nineties Music, Radio, Tv, Music, Instrumental, News, Company, Tutorial, Event, Trade Show, Educational, Network, Intro, Opener, Joyful, Podcast, Travel, Commercial, Advertising, Adventure, Feel Good, Promotional, Presentation, Catchy, Background, Business, Bright, Piano, Guitar, Success, Motivation, Motivational, Inspiration, Inspiring, Optimistic, Positive, Energetic, Upbeat, Pop Rock
Instruments Electric Bass, Drumset, String Ensemble, Acoustic Guitar, Glockenspiel, Electric Guitar
Tempo 130.0 BPM
Key A minor
Time 4/4

Additional Versions

  • Loop
  • 90 Second
  • 60 Second

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