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Description A unique surf rock track with an authentic, vibrant and groovy mood. Performed by electric guitars, drums, organ, and sax. Perfect for any commercials, sport videos, summer videos, trailers, movies, documentaries, promotional videos.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Rock
Mood Sexy, Uplifting, Euphoric, Cool, Aggressive, Happy
Keywords Positive, Surf Rock, Sport, Background, Advertising, Vintage, Retro Rock, Reverb, 1960s, Waves, Surfing, Surf, Sixties, Rock And Roll, Retro, Oldies, Nostalgia, Keyboard, Guitar, Garage, Fun, Film, Fast, Drive, Distorted, Comedy, Beach, Bass, American, Action, 60s, 60's
Instruments Brass Ensemble, Percussion, Organ, Drumset, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass
Tempo 175.0 BPM
Key E major
Time 4/4

Additional Versions

  • Bumper
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  • 30 Second
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  • 60 Second
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