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Description A high-energy piece designed to make you adrenalized! Perfect for TV commercials and other action and edgy sequences.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Rock, Corporate
Mood Uplifting, Dramatic, Cool, Aggressive
Keywords Bass, Heavy, Hard Rock, Hard, Groovy, Fun, Epic, Energetic, Drums, Driving, Diesel, Determined, Confident, Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Chase, Bright, Bouncy, Big, Advertising, Action, Achievement
Instruments Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Electric Bass, Percussion, Drumset
Tempo 127.0 BPM
Key F# minor
Time 4/4

Additional Versions

  • Bass and Drums
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  • 60 Second
    0f69c6d1 5a51 4d29 893e 16e81a137643
  • 30 Second
    07e627a4 be85 4927 9a56 ebc1925617f8
  • 15 Second
    Cb3d9b84 d2c3 451d 9d25 c2960cc83c96

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