Elevator to Success

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Description Inspirational background corporate music.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Ambient, Pop, Corporate
Mood Happy, Emotional, Uplifting, Inspiring
Keywords Drums, Bass, Palm Muted Electric Guitar, Harmonics, Building, Web, Music, People, Exciting, Progress, Achievement, Podcast, Teamwork, Marketing, Opener, Intro, Warm, Modern, Bouncy, Nature, Organic, Light, Science, Travel, Fun, Innovation, Catchy, Success, Promotional, Presentation, Bright, Optimistic, Positive, Business, Commercial, Advertising, Hopeful, Soft, Easy, Guitar, Piano, Background, Motivation, Motivate, Motivational, Inspirational, Inspiration, Inspiring, Upbeat
Instruments Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Piano, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion, Drumset
Tempo 120.0 BPM
Key C major
Time 4/4

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