Dreaming the Future

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Description Upbeat, uplifting, positive, energetic, motivational, corporate music track.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Pop, Cinematic, Corporate
Mood Happy, Cool, Emotional, Uplifting
Keywords Bass, Strings, Palm Muted Guitars, Animation, Tv, Music, Movie, Film, Promotional, Celebratory, Triumphant, Communications, Finance, News, Innovation, Aspirations, Hope, Joyful, Funny, Fun, Promotion, Presentation, Technology, Catchy, Background, Simple, Business, Piano, Guitar, Minimal, Bright, Marketing, Commercial, Advertising, Drive, Hopeful, Successful, Upbeat, Success, Optimistic, Positive, Inspiration, Inspiring, Motivation, Motivate, Motivational
Instruments Synthesizer, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, String Ensemble, Electric Bass, Drumset
Tempo 132.0 BPM
Key F major
Time 4/4

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