Digital Beachcomber

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Description Motivational, upbeat, uplifting, inspiring, light and minimal background track for business and technological presentations, corporate videos, sales promotions, documentaries, TV and radio, innovation news and much more media projects.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Electronica, Pop, Corporate
Mood Glamorous, Cool, Calm, Uplifting, Emotional
Keywords Medical, Slow motion, Bass, Claps, Travel, Fashion, Driving, News, Finance, Accomplishment, Communications, Tv, Catchy, Bouncy, Creativity, Energy, Energetic, Background, Impact, Optimistic, Positive, Confident, Upbeat, Promotional, Hopeful, Successful, Success, Soft, Presentation, Guitar, Piano, Commercial, Advertising, Marketing, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspiring, Motivational, Motivated, Motivate, Business, Motivation, Minimal, Modern, Innovation, Innovate, Technological, Technology, Tech
Instruments Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Acoustic Bass, Percussion, Drumset
Tempo 122.0 BPM
Key G minor
Time 4/4

Additional Versions

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