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Description Dreamy ethereal hopeful minimal background music track.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Pop, Cinematic, Corporate, Ambient
Mood Calm, Happy, Cool, Uplifting, Emotional, Atmospheric, Dreamy
Keywords Palm Muted Guitar, Harmonic, Drums, Bass, Shaker, Strings, Event, Engaging, Interview, Mass Media, Achievement, Discovery, Motivation, Production, Inspiration, Mountains, Healthy Lifestyle, Hopes, Music, Explainer, Promo, Ambient Music, Confident, City, Drone, Bright, Motivate, Fresh, Mellow, Minimal, Sweet, Smooth, Peaceful, Ethereal, Meditative, Relaxed, Dreamy, Stylish, Tutorial, Innovation, Catchy, Real Estate, Slideshow, Radio, Tv, Podcast, Vlog, Feel Good, Documentary, Opener, Trading, Marketing, Success, Business, Light, Motivational, Modern, Travel, Promotional, Presentation, Advertising, Commercial, Inspiring, Upbeat, Intro, Optimistic, Positive, Inspirational, Hopeful, Guitar, Piano, Background
Instruments Electric Bass, Acoustic Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Drumset, String Ensemble
Tempo 100.0 BPM
Key G minor
Time 4/4

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