Connecting the Stars

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Description Positive, optimistic, soft, cool, hopeful, inspiring, uplifting background track with corporate, future and technological feeling. Perfect for corporate video, advertising, tv, radio, documentaries, commercials, business promotion, presentation, animated
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Pop, Corporate
Mood Inspiring, Cool, Uplifting, Happy
Keywords Hopeful, Bass, Shaker, Claps, Strings, Acoustic Guitars, Modern, Podcast, Hope, Feel Good, Achievement, Presentation, Commercial, Inspirational, Inspiration, Piano, Positive, Background, Optimistic, Business, Guitar, Motivational, Success, Bouncy, Fresh, Bright, Advertising
Instruments Electric Bass, Percussion, Acoustic Piano, Drumset, String Ensemble, Synthesizer, Electric Guitar
Tempo 120.0 BPM
Key C minor
Time 4/4

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