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Description Uplifting motivational corporate music track.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Pop, Corporate
Mood Inspiring, Dramatic, Emotional, Uplifting, Happy
Keywords Drums, Bass, Claps, Percussions, Pad, Synths, Strings, Podcast, Explainer, Innovate, Tv, Radio, Cheerful, Marketing, Progress, Travel, Event, Network, Energizing, Triumphant, Feel Good, Music, Lively, Confident, Modern, Fun, Catchy, Energetic, Presentation, Promotional, Pop Rock, Hopeful, Adventure, Driving, Achievement, Joyful, Background, Bright, Optimistic, Positive, Piano, Guitar, Success, Business, Commercial, Advertising, Upbeat, Inspiration, Inspiring, Motivate, Motivation, Motivational
Instruments Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Piano, String Ensemble, Percussion, Drumset
Tempo 135.0 BPM
Key D major
Time 4/4

Additional Versions

  • 90 Second
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  • 60 Second
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  • 30 Second
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  • Medium
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