Building the Foundation

Description Upbeat uplifting inspiring and motivational corporate background music track. Perfect for corporate videos, business presentations, advertising, commercials, slideshows, podcasts, timelapses, promotional videos and other media projects.
License Royalty-free for commercial use
Genre Pop, Ambient, Corporate
Mood Atmospheric, Calm, Happy, Emotional, Uplifting
Keywords Bass, Strings, Muted Guitars, Harmonic, Catchy, Relaxing, Relaxed, Travel, Tranquil, Sweet, Soothing, Smooth, Peaceful, Creativity, Innovation, Podcast, Dreamy, Airy, Inspiration, Soft, Light, Easy, Innovate, Modern, Joyful, Bright, Motivational, Inspirational, Marketing, Advertise, Warm, Hopeful, Piano, Background, Optimistic, Positive, Guitar, Motivation, Inspiring, Upbeat, Technology, Success, Business, Presentation, Promotional, Commercial, Advertising
Instruments Drumset, Percussion, Synthesizer, String Ensemble
Tempo 125.0 BPM
Key D major
Time 4/4

Additional Versions

  • 90 Second
  • 60 Second

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