Royalty-Free Music,
Made for Your Content

The first royalty-free music library with customizable tracks.

Music for Content Creators,
Made Easy

  • Easily Customize Music

    Use the in-browser Arranger to build the perfect soundtrack for your content.

  • Hand-Picked Library, Superb Sound

    Choose from a genre-spanning, curated collection of superbly-produced, exclusive tracks.

  • Straightforward Licensing

    Use each version everywhere you need synchronized music, from podcasts to YouTube videos.

  • Strike-Free Copyright

    No need to worry about automatic muting, strikes, flagging, or claims.

Pricing & Licensing

Our simple pricing and licensing policy makes it easier for you to customize, download, and use music for your content.

$29 per track for Unlimited Versions
  • Customize and download multiple versions of a track
  • Have the freedom to use each version as you like, royalty-free
  • Use exclusive music without concerns about flagged content
  • Download versions as often as needed
  • Receive downloads as uncompressed WAV files