Your Vision,
Your Version

Tell your story – with music that fits.

Content tells a story – so the music behind it matters. When using one of our tracks for your story, our easy-to-use arranger gives you flexibility and control over the final sound you want, so your project has that personal, perfect fit. Plus, each track is royalty-free and ready to use straight away.

In other words: customize, download, done – original, high-quality music, made to fit your content.

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The Perfect Fit,
Made Easy

How to customize a track.

Each of our tracks is broken down into its individual components, and our easy-to-use arranger lets you build a soundtrack to fit your content. Whatever your story needs – a burst of momentum or energy, or dropping out the melody for a smooth voice-over – tweak the arrangement until you’re happy, and download. Layer, loop, play: the sound is yours.

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Licensing & Pricing

Our simple pricing and licensing policy makes it even easier for you customize, download, and use music for your content.

For a one-time payment, you receive unlimited access to a track. This means you can:

  • Make custom arrangements
  • Create multiple versions of a track
  • Have the freedom to use each version as you like, royalty-free
  • Use original music without concerns about flagged content, and with no attributions required
  • Download arrangements as often as needed
  • Receive downloads as uncompressed WAV files
$29 per track for unlimited access

Our Music

We’re a group of musicians and producers who care about music that tells a story. Each Flexitune track has either been written or carefully selected by us, so you benefit from our passion and ear for high-quality sound. We’ve curated our collection so it’s easier and faster for you to find and tailor music that fits your content, giving it the soundtrack your story needs.