Your Vision,
Your Version

Tell your story – with music that fits.

Content tells a story – so the music behind it matters. When using one of our tracks for your story, our easy-to-use arranger gives you flexibility and control over the final sound you want, so your project has that personal, perfect fit. Plus, each track is royalty-free and ready to use straight away.

In other words: customize, download, done – original, high-quality music, made to fit your content.

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The Perfect Fit,
Made Easy

How to customize a track.

Each of our tracks is broken down into its individual components – instrumentation, duration, mood – and our easy-to-use arranger lets you pick and match each component to your content. Whatever your story needs – a burst of momentum or energy, or dropping out the melody for a smooth voice-over – tweak the arrangement until you’re happy, and download. Layer, loop, play: the sound is yours.

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Who We Are

We’re a group of musicians and producers who care about making great music. Each Flexitune track has either been written or carefully selected by us, and fine-tuned so each individual component sounds as good as the track combined. The growing selection of tracks available here have been carefully curated by us, so you benefit from our passion and ear for high-quality sound.

Worry-Free Licensing

Each of Flexitune’s tracks is available for you to use royalty-free. This means no concerns about flagged content, and the freedom to mix and use each track as you please.